2016/2017 New Wrestling Parent FAQs

When is too young to start my wrestler? 
    A: If they are not potty-trained! In all sincerity, if your son is expressing an interest in wrestling, allow him to come to practice to check it out. This can be as young as the 4-year old age range. Our youngest practices are focused on very basic instructions and we try to keep these groups very, very small. Additionally, we will only practice one time per week with the youngest of wrestlers. 

Do you have to live in the Harrisburg School District to be a part of the Harrisburg Youth Wrestling Club?
    A: No, we have many members of our club which either reside outside of, or go to school somewhere other than Harrisburg. We welcome anyone who wants to participate in wrestling and be a part of our club. 

When is too late to start wrestling? 
    A: NEVER. Many of the best wrestlers at any level of the sport didn't start until their 5th-8th grade years in school. We provide an environment that ensures that we are teaching at every age and experience level. No one should feel intimidated by our practices, as we will pair your son with suitable practice partners to best develop their talents.

What equipment will I need to buy my son? 
    A: The only thing they will need to participate in practice is wrestling shoes. T-shirt and shorts are generally worn for practice. 

Will I need to buy a wrestling singlet? 
    A: New Singlets (uniforms) will be available for purchase prior to the beginning of the season through our team store page, or you can purchase a used singlet from the club for a discounted price. 

Who are the coaches? 
    A: We pride ourselves on providing positive role-models for all the kids through the instruction of wrestling. We have several current Augustana College wrestlers, specifically chosen for their character and positive demeanor, who come out and run our practices for us. Additionally, there are several very experienced parents who are always around lending a hand as well. We provide a positive environment for them to learn, and develop a role model in the process.

How many times a week will my son practice?
    A: Boys who are in 2nd Grade or younger and have not had previous experience will only practice 1 time per week for the first two months of the season. They will be placed in Group A (Mondays) or Group B (Tuesdays). Groups will be determined by age and size as we want to make sure that we have plenty of good practice partners for each of our little guys. If there is a night that does not work for you, we will do our best to accommodate the alternate group.