Just a reminder,
The online store is now up and running.  You can go to our website to access it.  Please read the instructions on our webpage before going into the store. The deadline for orders will be December 7th (in order to receive them before Christmas).  All orders will take place using the store.  You will need a credit card to check out.

This year you have two options for singlets:
  1. You can get last years singlets (the maroon ones) for the standard $50 deposit (this deposit will be cashed) that you get back at the end of the year upon turning it in.
  2. There is a new singlet available for purchase, on our website store.  Since you purchased this singlet, you will be able to keep it or HYW will buy it back from you at the end of the year (provided it is in good condition)
The singlets may take longer to get.  They may or may not be available by Christmas.

All different types of shirts will have the artwork (shown as the first item in the store) on the front and a sponsor list on the back.  The shorts will have the tiger logo and say Harrisburg Wrestling on one leg.  The sweatpants will be like years previous and have lettering down one leg.  All bags and stadium chairs will have just the tiger logo and say Harrisburg Tigers on them (they will not be wrestling specific).

Click this link to take you to our online store. http://www.harrisburgsdwrestling.com/store-registration